Enjoy endless scrollers? Check out a fun little game I've helped develop, The Flag Bearer: Dropper of Flags:The Flag Bearer: Dropper of Flags

My #FlappyJam entry - How to play: Fly using mouse (any click), keyboard (space) or gamepad* (any button)

Can you get the level 100 medal? Good luck, enjoy and remember to rate the game even if you hate it!

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Music by MrBulbamike (download links for his tunes are available in the description of his videos)

*Recommended browser: Google Chrome.


v1.01 - 2014.02.23

  • Added support for keyboard and gamepad (gamepad might only work in Google Chrome)
  • Added tons more flying references (one appears every 5th obstacle)
  • Added a rating button on the end screen
  • Changed to high-quality rendering to hopefully improve scrolling smoothness

v1.0 - 2014.02.16

  • Released